Greenhouse in Agriculture - Science Leader/Coordinator

A/Prof. Richard Eckard, GIA Program Leader

Nitrous Oxide Research

Decreasing nitrous oxide emissions from high rainfall cropping systems

Sally Officer, Penny Riffkin, Andrew Phelan and Steve Holden, DPI Hamilton

The potential of nitrification inhibitors for the mitigation of nitrous oxide emissions from animal production systems in SE Australia

Kevin Kelly, DPI Tatura; Graeme Ward, Alx Mucullogh, DPI Warnambool; Sally Officer, DPI Hamilton

Richard Eckard, Tim Huggins (PhD Student), MSLE, The University of Melbourne

Methane Research

Enteric methane abatement strategies for ruminant production systems in SE Australia

Dr Peter Moate, Richard Eckard, Richard Williams, Di Mapleson, Brigid Ribaux, Tony Hookey, Greg Morris, DPI Ellinbank

Communications, Extension and Evaluation

Sue Kiernan, Communications, DPI Ellinbank

Glenn Morrison, Communications, DPI Rutherglen











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