Whole Farm Systems Analysis of Climate Change Impacts on the Southern Grazing Industries

Climate Change Adaptation in the Southern Australian Livestock Industries program

Project Aims:

  • Simulations of likely pasture growth, in 2030 and 2050, for a range of geographic areas in southern Australia, at appropriate regional scales;
  • Analysis of the likely impact of climate change on current grazing systems across southern Australia;
  • Regionally specific simulations of likely adaptation and mitigation options and the likely impact of adoption on productivity, GHG emissions and farm business;
  • Involvement with regional simulation and interpretation workshops, with feedback and feed-forward processes;
  • Communication with industry and producers.

Project Team:

  • University of Melbourne: Richard Eckard, Brendan Cullen, Matthew Bell (post doc).
  • TIAR Tasmania: Richard Rawnsley, Karen Christie
  • Ian Johnson, IMJ Consultants (www.imj.com.au)
  • Other collabrators in the Southern Livestock Adaptation team
    • CSIRO, NSW I&I, DPI Victoria, SARDI, TIAR,

Project Web site:

Project Funding:

This project is supported by funding from Dairy Australia, Meat and Livestock Australia, The University of Melbourne and the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry under its Australia’s Farming Future Climate Change Research Program.

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