Greenhouse Accounting Frameworks (GAF) for Australian Dairy, Sheep, Beef or Grain Farms

The Dairy (D-GAF), Beef (B-GAF), Sheep (S-GAF), Feedlot (F-GAF) and Grains (G-GAF) Farm Greenhouse Accounting Framework Tools are freely available below as MS Excel spreadsheets.

  • These tools use the Australian National Greenhouse Gas Inventory (NGGI) method, to predict the magnitude and sources of Greenhouse Gasses emitted from a farm.

  • Note! CO2 are from fuel and Electricity is NOT attributed to the farm in the NGGI, or under the CFI, but have been included by popular request from users.

  • To download the spreadsheets right click on the name below and save the file to your computer first.

  • Note! These products subject to change as the NGGI methodology is updated. Please check for updates.

- (D-GAF) Dairy GHG Accounting Framework V11.2 (updated and cleaned up May 2012)

- (B-GAF) Beef GHG Accounting Framework V12 (updated - updated Aug 2013)

- (B-GAFN) Beef GHG Accounting Framework V13N (extra livestock category added for northern beef; updated Aug 2013)

- (S-GAF) Sheep GHG Accounting Framework V6 (updated and cleaned up May 2012)

- (G-GAF) Grains GHG Accounting Framework V8 (updated and cleaned up May 2012)

- (F-GAF) Feedlot GHG Accounting Framework V1.5 (new prototype May 2012; please provide feedback)

- Excel file of example inputs for GAF calculators and comparitive emissions (download excel file)


- Sheep COST V1.2

- Dairy Greenhouse Abatement Strategies Calculator (DGAS) V3.5 )

Other Calculators and Tools

- FarmGas Scenario Tool - Australian Farm Institute online tool

- Reforestation Modelling Tool and FUllCAM

- DGAS ERF Dietary oils calculator (ERF Method)

- Beef nitrates feeding calcualtor (ERF method)

- PigBal Version 2.14 (ERF Method)

- Vegetable Carbon Calculator (Veggie Carbon Tool web site)

- Horticulture Carbon Calculator (HortCarbonInfo version 7.0 2016, by Peter Deuter)

- Wine Industry Greenhouse Gas Calculator (WFA web site Excel)

- Cotton Greenhouse Gas Calculator (QUT web site)

- Cotton Carbon Management Tool (CCMT) (Cooler carbon web site)

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